At Little Bear Books we use insight from nature to create sing-along stories that inspire, entertain and educate. 

Author Krissi Russell is a singer, songwriter, and Spanish teacher who grew up surrounded by music. Her mom sang in a barbershop quartet. As a child, Krissi spent many hours listening (and singing along) during Monday night rehearsals. At age 12, she  sang lead in her own quartet, “The Encore Four,” with her mom as coach. Krissi took private voice lessons and sang in a bluegrass band, “Slim Pickins.”

Krissi studied environmental education at Huxley College of Environmental Studies. She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in education. Her teaching experience, passion for music and environmental education come together in singalong storybooks for young children.

Little Bear Books began at a Lake Tahoe lemonade stand in 2005. Krissi’s son was selling lemonade  when a bear wandered down the street. It came within 10 feet of his stand. Don’t worry; he didn’t feed the bear lemonade! But the event inspired the song “Don’t Feed Our Bears,”, and Little Bear Books’ first sing-along book/CD set. See all Little Bear Books’ sing-along stories.

Each Little Bear Book is a collaborative effort between Krissi and other talented artists, including:

Illustrator Lois Olsen is a sculptor, poet and painter. Her work is well known in the Palos Verdes, CA, area where she lives. Lois is happiest when she is painting or sculpting for the sheer pleasure of creating. She enjoys using a variety of mediums and a wide range of art styles. Her illustrations for Little Bear Books are done in watercolor. Bright and vivid, her paintings create a sense of wonder and excitement about the natural world.

Steve Walker is the recording artist who brings Krissi’s music alive. His trio, The Steve Walker Band, has been entertaining guests on the Tahoe Queen for the past 25 years. Steve is a lead vocalist and guitarist with over 40 years of experience on stage. His influence on Little Bear Books’ songs comprises singing backup vocals, playing bass and lead guitar, mixing and mastering recordings, and contributing to the arrangement of Krissi’s compositions.

How To Buy Little Bear Books

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