Hiking Tip #!:
Keep it fun!

Hiking is a fun way to introduce kids to the outdoors and instill a lifelong love of nature. Here are some tips on how to make family hikes a positive experience for everyone. Turn your hike into an adventure! Keep kids actively engaged exploring, observing, and discovering new things on the trail.


  • Keep it short and close to home to ensure a positive experience. As your child grows and gains endurance and strength  you can increase the length of your hikes.
  • Let your child set the hiking pace; their legs are shorter than yours.
  • Plan destination hikes to rivers, waterfalls, lakes, or awesome views. Kids feel such a sense of accomplishment when they reach their destination.
  • Be flexible, though. Turn back early if needed to ensure an enjoyable and comfortable experience for your family.
  • Turn your hike into a scavenger hunt. Look for: feathers, pinecones, heart shaped rocks, birds, bird nests, squirrels, spider webs, slugs, animal tracks, flowers, etc.
  • Sing songs on your hike. My sing-along story, “On the Trail”, adds to the adventure and teaches trail etiquette at the same time.
  • Increase the fun factor by bringing cool outdoor gadgets: a bug box, binoculars, or a butterfly net.
  • Stop a lot to enjoy the view.
  • Be prepared with plenty of water and lots of fun snacks. Take frequent snack breaks along the way. Pace the hike by saying, “Let’s stop for  a snack at the next patch of shade” or “We’ll eat a snack at the top of this hill”, etc.
  • Be prepared with sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, and a cell phone.
  • Bring the right clothing. Wear layers and pack extra clothes for the kids, in case they get cold or wet while exploring.
  • Take lots pictures. You are creating lasting family memories.