At Little Bear Books we use inspiration from nature to create interactive sing-along stories for kids. Our book/CD sets, “On The Trail” and “In The Meadow (Don’t Feed our Bears)” entertain, educate, and inspire children to respect and appreciate the natural world.

Here’s what people are saying about our products:

“Congratulations on a special gift to kids!”
“It is very clever to teach through music. Kids enjoy the music and don’t even realize they are learning.”
“The illustrations are very beautiful and add to the message.”
“My two year old grandson loves to look at the book as the song is playing. He taps a tambourine on his side as he moves back and forth to the rhythm.”
“Krissi can sing for me any time!”
“When is the next book coming out?”
“My son and daughter play the CD over and over again and sing along. They know every word by heart”
“A perfect birthday gift for my nephew!”