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Explore Tahoe An Urban Trail head, located at 4114 Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe, CA is an interpretive center, museum, and theater all rolled into one. Located in the Heavenly Village, just past the Gondola, this inter-agency center is designed to teach environmental education and encourage outdoor recreation.
Explore Tahoe hosts interpretive presentations all year long about the environment, wildlife, geology, lake clarity, the rich cultural history of Tahoe and more. Friendly and knowledgeable staff can offer tips on recreational activities appropriate for specific age groups or times of year.
Stop by when you are in the area and check out the topographical map which features 26 points of interest that light up when touched.
There is also a book store!
Pick up a copy of In the Meadow (Don’t Feed Our Bears), On the Trail, or my newest bilingual book, No alimente a nuestros osos Don’t Feed Our Bears.
These sing-along stories which come with a musical CD or musical download are a perfect complement to your Explore Tahoe experience. The interactive musical message embedded in each story is aligned with the mission of Explore Tahoe: “to encourage, inspire, and educate visitors and residents of Lake Tahoe to help preserve and protect this fragile resource and in doing so create a sustainable balance for future generations to come”.
Happy Trails!
For more information about Explore Tahoe, visit: https://www.sierranevadageotourism.org/content/explore-tahoe-an-urban-trailhead-visitor-center/siee547778f7e31c74d2